California Foster Families, Inc, is a private, non-profit, state licensed treatment foster care program. The goal of California Foster Families, Inc. is to provide a stable placement alternative to institutional congregate care for emotionally disturbed children who can benefit from a family-based treatment program with enriched support services. The agency’s focus is to provide effective therapeutic intervention in a cost-efficient manner within the optimal environment for change. California Foster Families, Inc. is proactive in preparing children for reunification with their families when possible, or to provide long-term placement alternatives. The foster parents are the primary treatment givers. Treatment is for the most part strength based and behaviorally oriented. Placements in the specialized foster care program combines the desirable features of a long term foster home placement with intensive counseling, case management, education, and support services.

California Foster Families, Inc. accepts emotionally disturbed children who are in need of a stable environment. By providing extensive support and training to foster parents and ongoing treatment for children, this program offers a chance for these high-risk children to succeed in a family setting. The basic model of care for California Foster families, Inc. focuses on the potential of children.

Recognizing the strengths and potential of children, rather than their deficits, empowers the development of confidence. Through encouraging a life long process of learning, it is the goal that children value themselves, they make the most of every opportunity, and they find a vision for their future.



California Foster Families, Inc. is dedicated to providing community-based services to children and families in order to strengthen the family unit and prepare children to become productive adults. Our population is focused on children, ages 0-18, who have been removed from their biological/care giving home because of physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Foster children range from those who require regular foster care to those in need of treatment foster care with multiple emotional and behavioral needs.

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